CCA’s double vision

This fall, the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal presents two intriguing exhibitions. The first is Modernism in Miniature: Points of View (Sept. 22 – Jan. 8), which explores the relationship between photography and architectural model-making (a main feature of the modernist repertoire) in the period between 1920 and 1960. Focussing on model photography as a distinctive genre, Modernism in Miniature suggests that the so-called “model boom” was bound up with the explosion of modern mass media. The second exhibition is Imperfect Health: Architecture’s New Agenda (Oct. 25 – Apr. 1), which endeavors to answer a pertinent question: “As health becomes a central focus of political debate, are architects, urban designers and landscape architects seeking a new moral and political agenda to address these concerns?” Imperfect Health looks at the complexity of today’s health problems juxtaposed with a variety of proposed architecture and urban solutions.