Toronto Eaton Centre unveils new “Urban Eatery”

With a view to redefining quick-service dining in Toronto’s downtown, the Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited has unveiled the Urban Eatery at the Toronto Eaton Centre, a major highlight of its $120 million revitalization.

The 980-seat Urban Eatery features comprehensive upgrades to what was previously Toronto Eaton Centre’s north food court to create a more upscale dining experience. The atmosphere enhances the enjoyment of food through innovative design, restaurant-quality lighting and a wide array of restaurant choices.

“This is a very exciting milestone for us,” says Wayne Barwise, Executive Vice President of Development, Cadillac Fairview. “Years of planning, collaboration and dedication have gone into our vision of a redefined downtown dining experience, and our new Urban Eatery will help reaffirm Toronto Eaton Centre’s position as a landmark destination.”

The most noticeable upgrades in the Urban Eatery are new design aesthetics, as well as high-end finishes and furnishings. From “featured seating” areas and their pleasing lighting effects, to the addition of communal tables, bars and banquette layouts, the overall effect is a sophisticated urban eating environment. Large open kitchen spaces promote new culinary experiences based on visual appetite-appeal. Toronto Eaton Centre has also worked closely with major global quick service restaurants to create a more contemporary look and feel through consistent signage and branding standards.

The Urban Eatery hosts a more cosmopolitan line-up of restaurants, to reflect the wide range of choices urbanites expect. Twenty-four restaurant tenants represent well-known global brands as well as local specialty restaurants. In addition to the familiar and well-loved North American sandwich and hamburger offerings, Urban Eatery includes more international food choices such as Indian, Asian, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines, as well as a vegan restaurant.

The Urban Eatery also sets a new standard in environmentally sustainable operations to reduce waste while enhancing the dining experience. The introduction of a state-of-the art scullery operation enables diners to eat from reusable tableware with real cutlery. Through five stations staffed by Urban Eatery Hosts, dishware, waste and recyclables are promptly removed and stored. A solid waste compactor reduces food waste by up to 88 percent. In addition, Toronto Eaton Centre will be able to divert millions of pieces of packaging containers, cups and plastic cutlery from landfill.

“The addition of the scullery is a significant upgrade, resulting in major reductions in total waste generated,” adds Barwise. “Our ability to do this as we enhance the dining experience for our customers represents what the revitalization of Toronto Eaton Centre is all about.”