Fresh from Mushaboom

“Mushaboom Design endeavours to create colourful designs and patterns inspired by the world around us and incorporate them into wall coverings and textiles that blend seamlessly into a wide range of interiors.” 

Such is the motto of the innovative studio in Mushaboom, the rural community on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore (immortalized in song by Nova Scotia-born musician Feist). Founded by creative director Barry Roode, a textile designer and artist with over 18 years experience in the textile industry, Mushaboom Design focusses on the digital printing of designs for the contract market (commercial buildings, hospitality, corporate, retail, healthcare, etc.). “Newly advanced technologies, such as digital printing, have dismantled the old paradigm of mass production and enabled mass customization,” says Roode. “This allows us to work true to our honest artistic interests and work closely with clients on individual needs, rather than focus on large-volume work needed to justify production costs of traditional manufacturing methods.” 

Mushaboom’s two main collections – both rich and resplendent – are Taylor Head and Victoria. 

The Taylor Head collection takes its name from the park of the same name bordering the studio’s community. Says Roode, “Taylor Head pays homage to the natural beauty of the park, capturing the joy of a morning hike along its twists and turns.” Quick reference photos taken while hiking were then explored in drawing, ultimately evolving into developmental drawings for the final eight patterns and four textures. Strong line work with colours complementary to the 12 base colours of the artwork is the key defining characteristic of this group. 

The Victoria collection was inspired by the Halifax Public Gardens, on of the finest examples of traditional Victorian gardens in North America. “I wanted to express the rich variety of experience that can be found in the park,” says Roode. “A stroll through the public gardens is soothing and exciting at the same  time. All the senses become engaged and entranced by the rich colours, variety of shapes, textures and fragrances.”  Hand-drawn and -painted artwork has been transformed into digital files with hundreds of colours that are easily adapted to any palette.

Sustainability is an inherent part of Mushaboom Design’s business model: products are durable; recycled and recyclable materials are chosen where possible; the studio has reduced sampling, shipping and water consumption, and avoids chemicals and processes harmful to human health.

For the first time ever, Mushaboom Design is taking part in the upcoming Interior Design Show, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Jan. 26-29). Look for Barry Roode and company at Studio North, the IDS show-within-a-show introduced 10 years ago to support Canada’s vibrant and independent design scene.

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