Spec-Rite + Prospec

Spec-Rite Designs has signed an agreement with Prospec US naming Spec-Rite the exclusive, licensed U.S.-based fabrication, consolidation, sales and engineering partner covering all of North America. Spec-Rite is pleased to add the Marathon Locker, Marathon Club Locker, Marathon Partition and Cabrillant Partition product lines to its already impressive portfolio of branded products, which includes: Design-Tec Lockers, Design Rite Partitions, DesignLine Cabinets, and Durable Designs Furniture.

Spec-Rite Designs is a St. Louis, MO-based manufacturing firm with global distribution capabilities and a worldwide network of sales representatives, including Allied Technical Sales (ATS) in Toronto.

Until recently, Spec-Rite’s primary focus was to provide custom-designed solid phenolic products; and in its quest to diversify and capture an increased market share, the company has partnered with Prospec to introduce unique and innovative material combinations to the U.S. and Canada. Initially founded as a manufacturer of glass panels/walls for squash courts, Prospec now specializes in an aluminum/phenolic locker line, a phenolic/glass locker line and both phenolic and glass partition systems at its Sheffield, U.K. facility. Prospec Limited managing director Bob Mitchell says, “I am delighted Prospec is partnering with Spec-Rite Designs to represent, manufacture and distribute the Marathon and Cabrillant Lines in North America. We are excited about the opportunity to merge the top U.S. product manufacturer with the premier European range. The partnership is out to deliver a first-class product and we see Spec-Rite Designs as the ideal partner to do just that.”

The partnership between Spec-Rite Designs and Prospec will allow both companies to serve the commercial and institutional markets of North America by combining Europe’s innovative style with the durability of U.S. products and construction methods. The marriage of these two companies provides an impressive range of solutions to meet any budget in any facility, giving architects and designers increased flexibility and design freedom.

For additional information, visit ats-sales.ca; or specritedesigns.com; or.prospec.us.com