Gold Sister

The Sister Margaret Smith Addictions Treatment Centre has achieved LEED Gold certification, and marks the first LEED Gold facility in north-western Ontario. Commissioned by St. Joseph’s Care Group, the Centre provides residential and non-residential services for the treatment of addictions including drug and alcohol, gambling and eating disorders, among others. This certification reflects St Joseph’s Care Group’s eagerness to embrace the principles of sustainable design from the onset, particularly as they relate to the Group’s mission to provide holistic care.  It was understood early on that a healthy building environment can be an essential part of the healing process and that environmental stewardship equates to compassionate care for all.

Highlights of the sustainable design solution include access to natural light and ventilation for all resident and office spaces, strategic building placement to accommodate passive solar heat gains, use of regional materials and materials with high recycled content, low-flow plumbing fixtures and the use of high efficiency building materials.

Montgomery Sisam was the Associated Design Architect for this project. Form Architecture was the Prime Architect.