What outside could look like this year

This year, earthy colours are in for concrete brick and masonry products, says John Ciente, technical sales manager of Solomon Colors Inc.

“Much like the colour of your dining room walls, brick and other masonry products go through different style trends every year,” said Ciente, “Your exterior colours make a critical first impression in the neighbourhood and on future buyers when it comes to resale, but it also creates a lasting impression. You can’t just change your masonry colours with a bucket of paint like you can inside, so it’s very important to choose colours that will stand the test of time and won’t look dated down the road.”

According to Solomon Colors, Inc., an industry leader in coloured concrete since 1927, the popular colour trends for masonry and concrete bricks this year will be Bamboo (Solomon Colors 288), Sedona (Solomon Colors 775), Marigold (Solomon Colors 238), and Lava (Solomon Colors 385).

“These colours evoke a more earthy look, but still maintain a bit of pop — be it a little brighter with the Sedona, or a little darker with the Lava,” said Ciente. “The Marigold and Bamboo hit on the more muted tones, but still give more style and life than the typical greys.”

Iain Thomson, director of the Clay Brick Association of Canada, says that the typical clay brick will stay steady with its traditional reds and browns but advances in the brick making process now allow for a wider array of options than what was available several years ago.

“For residential projects, there is a wide variety of clay brick colours possible, including variegated tones. The additional colours are created by applying certain powders, sands, or liquid clay coatings to the brick before they are fired. Different aesthetic effects can also be created by texturing the surface of the clay brick body as it is being extruded,” said Thomson.

The crucial part of choosing masonry products is to base the colour choice not only on what is popular this year, but what will also be stylish for years ahead. Masonry products are one of the most durable building materials available so it’s important to keep in mind that what is popular this year, needs to still retain a timeless quality decades from now.

“It is important to select colours, and products, that stand the test of time and remain stylish,” said Marcus Poirier, regional sales manager – Southwestern Ontario for Permacon.  “We also recommend selecting from a palette of natural ‘earth’ tones and often recommend that people review the colours of the natural stone products native to their area in order to draw inspiration,” said Poirier.

“For years, the extreme durability, fire resistance and energy savings of masonry has paid off with higher economic returns for homeowners. The introduction of a wide variety of distinct colours for masonry in general in recent years only adds to the appeal and versatility of homes built with masonry products,” said Jack Prazeres, president of MasonryWorx, the trade association of brick, block and stone masonry industry professionals.