Go, Metrick!

The Metrick System, a Toronto-based creative services agency that specializes in advertising, video and online software development, has moved. The agency now occupies 5,800 square feet of industrial space with 17-foot ceilings throughout and houses offices, a state-of-the-art recording studio, and four sets for shooting video. Created by designer Cheryl Krismer from Crayon Design, the goal was to pay homage to the heyday of Hollywood by giving the space a highly recognizable, but still contemporary feel.

The new location at 100 Miranda Ave. rests on the highest plain in the Greater Toronto Area, with views of Lake Ontario and the downtown core. The Metrick System now has the space it needs to accommodate its growing team, while continuing to deliver all of the advertising, video production and software coding services the firm is so highly recognized for. The interior was carefully designed to offer its clients and employees a creative environment where innovation rules. Airstream trailers have been converted into completely unique office and workspaces; they act as recording studios, staff lounges, and even an office to the executive.

By reclaiming abandoned Airstreams, recycling existing furniture, using LED lighting, easily modulated zoned air supply and cardboard tubing as part of the built environment, The Metrick System managed to create a space that is bold and environmentally considerate.

President and creative director Laurence Metrick comments, “It’s almost hard to believe we needed 20 years to figure out what gave us an environment where people wanted to come to work every day, enjoy collaborative creativity and know they have to walk just a few feet to make a TV spot or record a voice-over. I knew we got it right when the first 10 guests asked if they could rent an office here.”


Founded in 1991 by Laurence Metrick, president and creative director, The Metrick System, specializes in advertising, video production and interactive motion pictures. The Metrick System applies its expertise to create customized client solutions at its state-of-the-art offices in Toronto and production office in Los Angeles.

For more information, visit metricksystem.com.