Durkan’s big news

Durkan, the hospitality brand of the Mohawk Group, continues to broaden its Merit Select collection to fit every need and price point. The company is launching two new Merit Select offerings that are certain to catch the eye of every hospitality designer. Both Headlines at 8 and News at 12 are extensions of Durkan’s best-selling Merit Select styles, with expanded offerings that include exciting new patterns and colorways.

“Durkan’s Merit Select brand continues to be a top choice for today’s hospitality designer,” says Barbara Marcy, director of creative design for Durkan. “With Headlines at 8 and News at 12, we’ve taken our bestselling, most popular tufted running line offerings and freshened them up to include exciting new patterns and additional beautiful colorways. The best part is that these updated, design-driven collections also give hospitality designers a lot of flexibility.”

Marcy says, in today’s market, design flexibility is more important than ever, which is why Durkan is also making both Headlines at 8 and News at 12 available in the Merit Flex option. Merit Flex allows hospitality designers to select any pattern offered in the collection grouping in a wide array of colorways for lower yardage minimums. Designers can also select multiple patterns within an order if necessary, giving them flexibility to find the right designs without ordering more carpet than is needed.

Here’s a closer look at each of Durkan’s new Merit Select collections:

  • Headlines at 8 will stop hospitality designers in their tracks with its 10 dramatic patterns and 12 available colorways.  They will also love that all Headlines at 8 styles are available for both public space and guest room use. The collection is available in both 32 oz. weight with ActionBac backing, as well as 36 oz. weight with Unibond Flex backing. Unibond Flex offers unsurpassable durability against edge ravel, delamination, zippering and tuft bind. Both weights are available with Unibond Flex Bloc moisture barrier backing for a minimal yardage upcharge.
  • News at 12 delivers the hard-hitting style Durkan is known to consistently deliver, and is the perfect design solution for high-end hospitality settings. This Merit Flex collection offers 20 intricate patterns in 20 elegant colorways for minimal yardage requirements. Like Headlines at 8, all News at 12 styles are available for public space and guest room use. The 36 ounce weight products feature Durkan’s Unibond Flex backing, and the 32 ounce weight products come with ActionBac. Designers who need a product with a moisture barrier backing can upgrade to Unibond Flex Bloc for a minimal yardage upcharge. Unibond Flex Bloc is available in both 32 ounce and 36 ounce weight News at 12 products.