Teknion going au naturel

Teknion Corporation will be sponsoring the Design by Nature Exhibition at the Evergreen Brick Works, a 120-year old former Toronto brick works site transformed into a community environmental center focused on creating a greener future.

“Design by Nature was organized by a group of design professionals interested in promoting innovative public art at one of Canada’s most unique venues,” said Sue Madsen, Teknion Director, Canadian Architecture & Design. “Matthew Cohen conceived the project and is shaping its vision. Teknion is the program sponsor and has been involved with Evergreen Brick Works for many years, as its strategy to promote a sustainable future mirrors our own corporate vision. We have enjoyed a mutually rewarding partnership and look forward to working closely with Evergreen to help fulfill its mission.”

“Design by Nature is intended to initiate a dialogue with the design community and demonstrate its integral role in defining and shaping a greener and more sustainable city,” said Matthew Cohen, Director of Sustainability at Perennial Sustainable Solutions, a company that specializes in providing sustainable products and services for the retail industry. “Commissioning exhibitions that use reclaimed materials from the site itself demonstrates the connection between design and sustainability.”

Design by Nature is a juried exhibition of proposals for functional furniture and sculptural work designed for interior and exterior display on the Evergreen Brick Works campus. Complete Design by Nature judging details and submission forms are available at teknioncre8.com. Submissions should be e-mailed to [email protected] by May 2, 2012. The exhibition will feature submissions from four finalists and will be installed on the Evergreen Brick Works site late June for a period of three months.