Good wood, part 1

The engineered flooring of Terra Legno (which translates as “Earth Wood”) is created by combining separate layers of hardwood -– from responsibly managed forests of fast-growing plantation trees -– guaranteeing stability and lasting quality. The company recently added a European-inspired mix of oil-finished, brushed, smoked wood products to its FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) lineup. These include Antique Copper and Antique Bronze, with walnut tones; Arctic White, with cool, crisp white tones; Stone Grey, with an oil matte finish; and Aztec Silver, a dark fumed oak with exaggerated deep brushing highlighted by a silvery white grain (featured on the cover of CI’s January/February 2012 issue). Rounding out the new introductions are Antique Gray, Charcoal Walnut, Sketched Oak and Hearthstone. For more information, visit