Two Canucks are golden in Italy

Charles Godbout and Luc Plante, two industrial designers who specialize in furniture design and home products, have been honoured with a Golden Award during the A’Design Award and Competition held in Como, Italy, for their Glasswave work, which won in the Building Materials, Construction Components Structures and Systems category. Organized by the OMC Design Studio and its spinoffs, this international event aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts and design oriented products. Glasswave has been picked as one of the winners by the international referees (a three parts jury composed of academic and professional experts) among 3,500 submissions from 141 countries.

The winning designs will be published and exhibited through the MOOD Museum in Como and will have extensive international press appearances.

Charles Godbout and Luc Plante, the creative minds behind this project, demonstrate that the Glasswave multiaxial curtain wall system opens the door to greater flexibility in designing glass walls for mass production. This new concept in curtain walls is based on the principle of vertical mullions with cylindrical rather than rectangular profiles. This innovative approach means that structures with multidirectional connections can be created, increasing the possible geometric combinations in glass wall assembly. Glasswave is a low-rise system intended for the market of distinctive buildings of three floors or less.