Kohler’s new colours

An unabashed love of color is tightly woven into the fabric and heritage of Kohler Co., evident in its signature “Bold look of Kohler” tagline and now in a collaboration the first of its kind for the company: Kohler Colors Featuring Jonathan Adler.

Adler, the world-renowned designer and color guru, partnered with Kohler to introduce four special-edition colors available only on six select Kohler enameled cast-iron kitchen and bathroom sinks. Each piece is crafted in the foundry located in the Village of Kohler, Wisconsin, complete with a lifetime limited warranty ensuring it will stand up beautifully to life’s daily wear and tear.

It’s more than a shared passion for color that brought these two brands together. Both are deeply committed to impeccable quality and timelessly bold design. “Kohler, like Jonathan Adler, prides itself on creating heirloom-quality products,” says Kohler creative director Tristan Butterfield. “That shared vision made this partnership much more than a natural fit—it made it a fun one.”

Following are the four Kohler Colors Featuring Jonathan Adler:

• Greenwich Green captures the beauty of the perfectly manicured lawns of an English Estate—cultured and cultivated. “This is not dull avocado green,” Jonathan Adler says. “It’s bolder, yet timeless. So crisp and refreshing you can taste it.” 

• Piccadilly Yellow evokes the riot of colors from London’s Piccadilly Circus. Exuberant and fun, a Piccadilly yellow kitchen or bathroom sink instantly fills the space with giddiness. Adler says: “There’s a very mod quality to Piccadilly yellow, especially when paired with white. It’s unexpected and will always feel fresh.”

• Palermo Blue is beautiful, serene splash of the Mediterranean Sea where it opens before the city of Palermo on Sicily. “A nice, crisp light blue is cool and refreshing,” Adler says. “Like taking a dip in the Med itself.”

• Annapolis Navy, an unconditionally classic hue, calls to mind the sailing city of Annapolis on Maryland’s Severn River. “Annapolis Navy epitomizes nautical chic. It’s such a classic color because it pairs so well with other bold colors,” he says.

For optimum color vibrancy, Kohler Co. is offering the four new colors only on six of its Kohler enameled cast-iron kitchens and sinks. “The materials used in the enameling process are incredibly saturated and vibrant,” Butterfield explains. “Such an exclamation of color in a space should be as rich as possible. And Kohler enameled cast iron allows us to achieve that.” The four colors are available on the following sinks, in limited quantity:

• Bath Sinks: 
TidesCanvas and DemiLav Wading Pool
• Kitchen Sinks: 
WhitehavenRiverby and Iron/Tones