Plugged in

The fastest growing and least addressed form of energy consumption in commercial buildings? That would be electric plug load share, which accounts for a significant percentage of a building’s electric demand. Coming to the rescue is Logiq, a new furniture-integrated plug-load management system developed by Teknion in partnership with Enmetric Systems. Inc., introduced at NeoCon this past June.

Logiq measures and controls energy usage at the individual plug level with real-time feedback and system management. “It allows everyone from the facility manager to the individual user to control and improve their work-related environmental footprint through smart technology management,” says Doug Hietkamp, Teknion’s director of Sustainable Programs. “It shows how much energy you are consuming, what devices are consuming it and when, and applies rules to control usage based on time or logic.”

Logiq is centred on the concept that the vast user community – the individual, the facility manager, the corporation – is empowered with real-time information to measure, analyze and control energy consumption. It provides a return on investment beyond the corporate footprint. The average Logiq-enabled office workstation typically results in annual energy savings of up to 20 per cent.  cI