Fly Sky Pix is here

Fly Sky Pix is a unique brand that brings magic into the home through engaging artworks that spark the imagination. We all love a good story, and storytelling is at the core of this brand. 

Fly Sky Pix is launching with four lines of canvas artworks; Decor, Funky, Lullaby, and Seasonal. The artworks tell a visual story which evolves frame by frame and fosters a creative storytelling environment in the home. Not only are these products beautiful, but they come to life with twinkling lights and perfectly paired music at the push of a button. As you can imagine, the Fly Sky Pix products are a hit with children, but you’ll definitely find there are options which appeal to almost everyone! 

Swave Studios is committed to the success of this project, and the partnership continues as future products are developed for this brand. Check out the new Fly Sky Pix e-commerce site as well as two videos featuring the Owl family in Goodnight and the funky Disco Aliens. Visit Flyu