Stool 60 at 80

Next year marks the 80th anniversary of the iconic Stool 60 from Artek.  The 1930s marked a breakthrough for Alvar Aalto both as an architect and a designer. Stool 60 was first introduced to the international public at the Wood Only exhibition in London in November 1933, to rave reviews. The simple, stackable and durable wooden stool represented a new approach to furniture design and a crystallization of the values of Artek relating to the importance of technology, art and ethics.

To commemorate the anniversary, beginning in January, Artek will release several stools created by different designers, including Mike Meire, and Nao Tamura. Meire has created a line of multi-coloured painted versions; while Nao Tamura has created a series of stools (“Ring”) using screen prints of the cross-section of a tree. 

In addition, Artek has released the stool in a range of coloured tops lacquered in orange, green, yellow, black and white.