Unburied/buried treasure at Evergreen Brick Works

Remnants of an old brick-firing kiln that remains buried under the parking lot of Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works will finally get the recognition it deserves, thanks to the StreetARToronto (StART) program. Artists Dan Bergeron and Paul Aloisi created the work – called Underground Kiln – to highlight the site’s historic industrial role in city building.

The large-scale painting of the Underground Kiln, with its complex flue system, makes visible the brick-firing kiln that was once at the heart of the factory.

“Based upon archeological plans of the excavated site, we painted a bird’s eye view of the kiln and its surroundings on the parking lot that now covers the physical foundation still underground,” says Bergeron. “This rendition allowed us to highlight how the technology of the past intersects with how the site is used today, and helps visualize the layers of interconnected human marks left on this historic site.”

Sys David Stonehouse, general manager of Evergreen Brick Works, “Every city is layered in history. We want to acknowledge this past through art, as we look to the future of city building.”

The mural was funded in part by StART, which is a City of Toronto private/public grant program that aims to develop, support, promote, and increase awareness of street art and its indispensable role in adding beauty and character to neighbourhoods across Toronto. It was installed over the month of November with the help of Evergreen volunteer Bill Wilson.

Says StART manager Lilie Zendel, “In an area where the history of Toronto runs deep, we’re pleased that we can celebrate Toronto’s past through art in such a unique and forward thinking place as Evergreen Brick Works.”