Jonathan Adler at Avenue Road

Toronto’s Avenue Road shop is now carrying the Jonathan Adler Studio Collection for the Rug Company.

The Rug Company and Jonathan Adler

When the “powers that be” at the Rug Company were looking for a designer to contribute to its new Studio Collection, a collection that focuses on clarity over intricacy, they wanted a designer who understood the language of design, the significance of craft and the authority of colour.

Jonathan Adler was an easy choice. The authenticity of design consumes him, his background is craft, he is renowned for his understanding of colour and he is accessible to a significant but discerning following.

Adler was born in New Jersey in 1966. While other kids were kicking, catching and throwing balls, he was in the basement of his parents’ house blissfully throwing pots.  Passion and talent are a tonic for success and Adler has achieved urns of that.  Today he designs just about everything you could want in your home and his name is synonymous with capricious design and attention to detail.   

At the Rug Company we get excited about working with designers who share our exuberant passion for creation so it’s no surprise we particularly enjoyed this collaboration.   

Jonathan Adler says of the collaboration, “As a potter, I have always been committed to craft. The Rug Company understands exquisite craftsmanship better than anyone. Our collaboration was a dream: my signature groovy graphics and bold colors are softened by the beautiful hand-knotting techniques that the Rug Company is known for.” 

All the rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal using Tibetan wool and yarns which are spun to form thick lustrous threads, that when knotted, produce a wonderfully dense texture.