INDERA awarded

Yesterday,  the Belgian design company INDERA received the prestigious Henry van de Velde Award for Best Design Company 2012 from Design Vlaanderen. 

The jury praised the company for its unique, innovative approach “Flexibility and modularity : many manufacturers and trend watchers like to fence with the idea but few of them actually make sure that it is genuinely possible. At INDERA several models have a number of crafty components that can offer endless variations.  Since the start-up their quality remains very high, which is appreciated both at home and abroad.  INDERA shows that with a good concept and a good story you can gain a solid place in the market.”

INDERA works respectfully with various, often Flemish, designers: Beaverhausen, Bram Boo, Culdesac, Xavier Lust, Stefan Schöning Wim Segers, Gert Van Der Vloet and Fabiaan Van Severen have all produced designs for INDERA. Each year Indera brings out at least one new sofa, supplemented with small pieces of furniture. INDERA knows that you can’t rush this creative process; the company believes and invests in its partnerships and they strive to create furniture that will be part of the collection for at least 10 years, preferably longer.