Man ‘hearts’ stone

A new documentary that chronicles a 2.5 million-year love affair between man and natural stone has been released by the Marble Institute of America. The History of Man and Stone. A Documentary is a 54-minute program that traces an interconnection that started when primitive man began creating tools and weapons from stone. Today, it continues as a $50 billion a year global industry, where stone is quarried and processed in more than four dozen countries around the world.

“This program really presents the definitive history of the stone industry and how one of nature’s true wonders has become affordable for almost any commercial, residential or renovation project anywhere,” said James A. Hieb, executive vice president and CEO of the MIA.

With nearly 40 interviews conducted in the U.S. and around the world and remarkable footage from quarries, projects, and fabrication facilities, the documentary tells the story of how the stone industry grew. From the days of handling and cutting massive blocks of stone by hand to automated processes which drastically reduced the cost of the material, the story of how the stone industry came of age is compelling and a tale of innovation.

The program shows how stone was originally used for primitive housing, then the key building material for the great pyramids of Egypt and some of the world’s most beautiful and enduring structures and eventually, a popular material for the home use. “The story of how stone morphed from being used almost exclusively in commercial construction to creating a booming residential business in the United States and other countries is a fascinating story,” says Hieb.

The History of Man and Stone. A Documentary was produced for the Marble Institute of America by Bill Levy Productions, Inc. of Beachwood, OH, with financial support by MS International, the primary sponsor, and other organizations that contributed to the project, such as  Daltile, Marmomacc and StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas.

For information, go to and click on the “Documentary” link.