In the groove: Igloodgn

Branding and interior design firm Igloodgn showcased its talent at the recent 2013 Interior Design Show with its concept space, The Green House.

Anna Abbruzzo and Alain Courchesne of Igloodgn were selected as one of five Canadian design teams to participate in the show’s feature space How Do You Work? where they were challenged to create a dynamic workspace within a 160-square-foot shipping container. The Green House evokes the imagined working environment of an irreverent botanist, studying the life of plants. The atelier-like space materialized the creative and scientific process of a botanist, mixing high-end design with romantic florals.

Curating the very best in furniture and fittings for the Green House, Igloodgn utilized tiles and geometric painted wood flooring alongside refined Italian furnishings including renowned brands Cassina, xilo1934 and Nemo lighting. The highlights of the booth were Fonasetti’s Ex Libris bookshelf wallpaper from Cole & Son and Italian handmade tiles from Ceramica Bardelli, depicting an oversized black and white sheen sketch of a tulip by Dutch-born artist and landscape designer Ronald Van Der Hilst.

Igloodgn is honoured to announce its newest award as the winning-recipient of the distinguished Qingdao Metro Design Competition, an international creative design competition for China’s Qingdao metro interior space decoration.

Igloodgn’s winning subway platform concept revolves around the same show-stopping Italian tulip tiles by Van Der Hilst for Ceramica Bardelli, as featured in the Green House .

The graphic tulips will direct commuters up and down the station escalators leading to the subway platform, as integrated design. The concept stems from the idea that there is a hole in the underground, with natural light streaming through the passageway, giving the entire project a unique perspective on light and movement. The opposing angles of the tulips give the feeling that they are either growing downward or being pulled from the ground up. Igloodgn worked in conjunction with the 2014 Qingdao Horticultural Exposition to develop the proposal, demonstrating the firm’s ability to design spaces that are influenced and enhanced by the local culture.

Qingdao, best known in the West by its postal map spelling “Tsingtao,” is a major city in the eastern Shandong province in the People’s Republic of China. Today it is a major seaport, naval base, and industrial centre, and was recently named China’s 9th-most livable city by China Daily. The design competition was created by the metro construction headquarters of Qingdao to enhance and enrich the construction of interactive metro culture, and provide a comfortable environment for customers.