Visually speaking

The Magnuson Group has introduced Index, a single, integral 27-unit collection of high-design visual communications displays for private and public commercial/institutional interiors of any function.

Created by European industrial designer Vicent Martinez, Index is manufactured by Vilagrasa of Barcelona, Spain.

The Index collection of freestanding floor and wall-affixed visual communications displays provides a contemporary, intuitive, durable visual presence that graphically and with optional minimal wording is functional and adaptable to a broad range of contract interior applications. These include public and private building lobbies, reception areas, meeting spaces; human-resource and corporate training rooms; school and university interiors; transportation terminals; dining facilities; hotel, casino and club interiors; and the like.

Index models 1 through 8 are characterized by crisp vertical and horizontal laser-cut visual communications metal “icon” signs of symbols, words or numbers for any purpose. Each design adheres to any interior wall, door or movable Index sign post. Models 11 through 65 (19 units) are freestanding single- or two-sided floor stand, wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended visual communications display panels with a wide range of sign plates. Each provides complete or abbreviated message “reinforcement” solutions, individually or sequentially. A sophisticated visual presence subtly communicates the importance of messages being presented: the clarity, taste and function of any organization presenting them.

Display surfaces may be specified in a variety of dimensions. Words, phrases, geographical icons, numbers or letters can be placed on one or both sides of an Index panel.

The Index collection is constructed from satin-finish stainless steel, with low-glare methycrylate sign facings. Floor-mount models support their display panels with slender stainless-steel rods, anchored to a weighted disc-shaped floor base.

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