Interface’s new global design competition

The need to be connected to nature – and the benefits that answering this brings – are not new concepts. But for the first time, we are able to measurably understand the profound impact this has in a built environment. And then answer this innate desire by applying biophilic principles in the design of buildings and interior.

Biophilic design uses fresh air, daylight and water features. It creates visual and physical connections with nature. It incorporates natural materials, or those that mimic nature and natural forms, and then uses an understanding of human evolution to guide the design, finishes and furnishings – and bring out certain emotions in the dwellers. All because spaces that reflect familiar natural habitats, like open or sheltered spaces, are coded into our DNA.

It’s incredible to think that such simple steps could have such a beneficial impact to a company’s bottom line and the emotional well-being of its employees; on the way students learn, or how hospital patients heal. It inspires us to reconnect with nature – and change the human experience of interiors for the better.


Inspired by the benefits biophilia brings, Interface has launched a global competition – called Reconnect Your Space – to find designs for original, undeveloped projects that incorporate biophilia in the most innovative and exciting ways.

If you have a vision that incorporates biophilic principles and their benefits into the design of interior or urban spaces, you can send your renderings and illustrations by Apr., along with with a description of up to 150 words, to Interface.

The competition is open to students of design and architecture, interior designers and architects.

The public can vote through Interface’s social media channels between Mar. 1 and Apr. 15 to determine the finalists – which will then be judged by an Interface appointed panel. Your creation could win you a trip to one of three inspiring destinations to see some of the most pioneering examples of biophilia in action.,

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