Embraceable you

Offi, the American design and manufacturing company famous for offering innovative, versatile, multifunctional furnishings for all ages has launched a new piece by the rising British design star John Green.

Embrace is designed to store modern media, such as DVDs, CDs, books and magazines. This smart piece of furniture is made from bent plywood and is composed of two low modern tables that are “embraced” together in order to form a storage unit/magazine rack or occasional table. The pieces can also be pulled apart to create two small tables, a laptop table, a serving tray or a bench and desk for kids.

Says Green, “I originally designed Embrace when I was a student. The brief was set to design a modern take on the iconic Isokon Penguin Donkey that was within 10 per cent of the original’s dimensions. At the time I had no means to manufacture, but I had taught myself how to bend plywood using the book Bent Ply, which heavily features Offi. It became the main company I aspired to work with.”

Says Barry Nicholson, general manager for Offi, We recognized pretty early on that John’s work really embodies the Offi sensibility. The Embrace very successfully executes our desire to develop products that are multifunctional and practical, as well as beautiful and comfortable in any modern home.”

Embrace is made in the Baltic region of Europe where all the timber used is sustainably felled at source, keeping the carbon footprint of the product to a bare minimum.

For more info, visit Offi.com