The elegant Elle

Italian lighting company Prandina is showing a new table lamp by designer Jannis Ellenberger at the upcoming I Saloni in Milan. Called Elle, it is characterized by a minimal but surprising vocabulary. A hot-folded metal section serves as base, stem and diffuser. Like origami, a metal folded ribbon becomes a lighting object that expresses continuity and aesthetic lightness, highlighting more informed and core choices like a careful use of materials and the adoption of a led source of last generation with ultralow consumption.


“I was aiming to design a lamp with a minimum of materials used. Not only in a sense of reduced design – I always design items in a straight and uncomplicated way – but also in a sense of saving resources.

A simple strip of sheet metal seemed to be a very good approach. Besides the flat led is in perfect accordance with the sheet metal and considering the constraint of saving energy and resources, the usage of led technology was obligatory.

Folding strips of sheet metal gives great opportunities for design.

I started to work with paper models right away and designed the whole lamp without one sole sketch or drawing. Working on a cardboard model one to one scale is a very important step in a design process promptly providing a great feeling in regards to proportion, shape, dimension and function.

It was a pleasure to start with that step right away.”

—Jannis Ellenberger