Easy as One-Two

Endri Hoxha is the designer behind ehoeho. What is ehoheho, you ask? In the designer’s words, it is “a studio, a shop, a think tank, a process of breaking design to its fundamental essence; to provide the human connection on every day products. Design solutions are driven by underlying ideas and are not merely created. Each product is conceived with a twist and unexpected lightness.”

At this year’s Interior Design Show in Toronto, in the Prototype section, ehoeho showed the One-Two Table, which redefines the coffee table.

Says Hoxha, “We all like books, We all like to read. We all then throw the books back on our tables. An action as simple as this, is the idea behind the One-Two table. Creating more counter space, while effectively tucking your books away emphasizes the relationship between Function and Space. The One-Two re-defines the coffee table, making it a conversation piece where you can place your favourite books, magazines or old music records (or even hide a laptop) in the vertical spaces.”

The table comes in various types of wood; it can easily be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes, making it easier for moving or shipping.


Endri Hoxha practises in an architectural firm in downtown Toronto and as a wood shop technician at Ryerson University. Product design is a passion.