Awesome Audi

Groupe Lauzon recently inaugurated the largest Audi Terminal in the Americas. The facility is located in Laval, Quebec.

Offering more than 130,000 square feet (the equivalent of almost 2.5 football fields) and spanning three stories, the spectacular building includes:

• A showroom able to accommodate more than 20 vehicles;

• More than 10 reception counters for customers arriving for vehicle servicing;

• Interior inventory space for 200 vehicles;

• An automated carwash;

• A dedicated quality control area for customers’ vehicles;

• 33 service bays;

• An automotive detailing service able to accommodate 15 automobiles at a time;

• An à la carte restaurant, café, VIP lounge, exercise room, and business centre with computer and Internet access.

“Our Audi Terminal is the latest global architecture concept developed by Audi AG,” says Michel Lauzon, president of Groupe Lauzon. “With a bright and spacious design not unlike today’s newest airports, the terminal is notable for its dynamism, asymmetry and transparency.” 

Welcoming and user-friendly, the terminal has been designed to enhance the customer experience and convey all that the Audi brand represents. For example, customers can pick up their cars in the indoor comfort of the Terminal and remain protected from the whims of the weather. They can also watch the Audi mechanics at work through a huge glass wall that looks into the service bays.

A unique and impressive facility

One prominent characteristic of the building is its immense backlit curved wall, 160 feet in length and inspired by a race track. It opens onto what is by all appearances a city street featuring a variety of Audi vehicles, one behind the other and seemingly “en route.” Visible from outdoors and having already become widely identified with the Laval Terminal, the wall is sure to attract visitors.

Also unique about the building is its 150-foot glass facade, which showcases the cars. Right away, this distinctive feast for the eyes lets visitors know that this is no ordinary car dealership.

A major investment

The complex represents an investment of more than $19 million. The work spanned a full year and was completed in May 2012. Some 50 additional jobs will be created during the first year of operation to complement the 100 current employees. The company estimates it will sell more than 1,500 new vehicles annually. When its former location first opened 10 years ago, it was selling approximately 400 new cars per year. 

The former site has been transformed into a certified pre-owned Audi centre and features the largest showroom for pre-owned vehicles in the entire Audi Canada network.

Exclusive to the official opening of the Terminal, the prestigious new Audi S6, S7 and S8 models will make their Canadian premiere. Figure skater Joannie Rochette and freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau, both of whom are sponsored by Audi, will attend the event.

“The Audi Terminal is a concept that is expanding rapidly world-wide,” says Wolfgang Hoffman, president of Audi Canada. “The construction of the Audi Terminal in Laval is therefore bound to inspire many people, as in Canada alone some 20 dealers have already requested their own such facility.” 


Quebec architect: Claude D. Pigeon
Canadian consulting firm: Weis and Associates Inc.
Project Lead: Sandy Behrend; Interior Designer: Julia Pletneva
General conrtactor: Construction Vincent Dussault