Who’s Sorri now?

Sorri, from Portuguese company Wewood, is a pleasant, spacious and versatile chair.

Designed by Gonçalo Campos, this chair is made to provide great comfort. It was designed for wood lovers; its shapes are highlighted by a sendler outline which frames the seat and the back, clearly showing the versatility and nobility of the material.

Easily recognized by its large curved surfaces, it has an ample space for other items such as a handbag, a jacket or a book, this chair was designed for moments of rest and reflection.

Several design details have been considered in this chair to highlight its solid construction and its main curve which remind an attractive and confident smile.

The piece has a sample and enjoyable shape, with an efficient and optimized production, obtaining a comfortable product to see and use.

Sorri perfectly combines a simple and pleasant shape with an unique comfort.


Wewood’s philosophy is to enhance the high-end joinery, the raw material (hardwood), the innovation and the Portuguese design in each produced piece, never forgetting the work of employees, partners and suppliers, thus we feel proud to be part of WEWOOD’s family.

Wewood is a partnerships’ platform with designers, architects and young talents, which has as base of its collections the design combined with high-end joinery, these are produced by the experienced hands of artisans featuring the most sophisticated technology.

Wewood presents his collection with signed and numbered products, ensuring the uniqueness in each piece. Design, sophistication, tradition and ecology are points which we don’t give up. All pieces are original and of a great environmental concern during its production. Cross-culturally and versatile, these pieces excel for the simplicity and the purity of its lines.

Wewood has as mission to offer to the world a Portuguese product with design, solid and innovative. Produced with the know-how of the old carpentry masters combined with the most sophisticated technology, so we get uniques pieces with an excellent quality/price ratio.

For more info, go to wewood.eu