Sinetica goes to Milan

For the Milan International Furniture Expo, Sinetica will be a leading player of Hi Home, the Fuorisalone event by Andrea Castrignano. Sinetica was chosen once again by Andrea Castrignano, custom architect, to furnish his new offices and participate at the Fuorisalone Hi Home event. The event he created, planned and organized will run in Milan from Apr. 9 to 14 in via Adige 11.

HI HOME | the project

In via Adige in the Milan, Porta Romana area, Andrea Castrignano – interior designer and creator and host of the television programme “Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita” on LA5 – is transforming a loft in his new studio, designed to include a “sample house” with unique features. The area, where a lot of different professions and skills interact, was entirely conceived in an innovative design. The key words are accessibility, comfort, warmth, convenience, safety, eco-sustainability and technology serving people. The project began with the objective to create an ideal environment using the most innovative solutions regarding, energy savings, renewable energy sources and the use of advanced domotics with the contribution of excellent companies that interact and multiply brand visibility thanks to the integration and dialogue between the various products provided. The basic concepts for the work by Andrea Castrignano are translated into an innovative language with a concrete and visible result that you can touch, in a finished and liveable operation.

About Andrea Castrignano

Andrea Castrignano was born in Milan in 1969. He finished his education in the United States where he had his first professional experience as an interior designer. In 1997 he returned to Milan and opened a Studio in the beautiful Piazza del Liberty. Along with Paola Marella, Andrea hosted the first two editions of the show “Vendo casa disperatamente” on Real Time.
Starting in October 2011, he is the star of the show “Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita!” which he also writes along with Federico Berg.

About Sinetica

Established in Italy in 1995, Sinetica is one of the leading organizations in the furnishing sector, with the mission to create stimulating, welcoming and functional workplaces. For more info, visit