Lighting up with Atelier-D

Jonathan Dorthe has a Master’s degree in architecture, and works part time in architecture in Montreal. He spends the other half of his time designing his own projects for his own enterprise, Atelier-D. Dorthe is inspired by techniques in traditional crafts, so that comes out in the series of objects he creates. Atelier-D tries to define contemporary craftsmanship.

Among his creations are a trio of handsome lamps.


The architectural Lath lamp is made from a thin laser-cut plywood, assembled to create volume. The horizontal bands can be made from dark leather to contrast the light structure, or can be made of a wood veneer, which creates a warm lantern effect. Lath is designed in two different shapes: one is a classic tapered shape and can be used as a pendant light; the other is a cylinder shape and can be used as a table light or pendant. The Lath lamp projects dramatic geometric shadows.


As the name suggests, the Pentagon lamp is made of five wood panels, joined together by two leather bands; the bands come in natural oiled wood with black or brown leather. Three of the five sides are perforated with a gradient of holes that allows light to shine through, creating a shadow pattern. Pentagon is available in two different heights: 12″ and 15″. It can be use as pendant or table lamp to create a contemporary lantern effect. 


The Boll lamp is inspired by Scandinavian design and is handmade in Montreal out of a light birch structure, which is wrapped in bands of sycamore veneer. This sculptural lamp is created with bands of different widths, assembled to create an elliptical shape; when the light is turned on, the particular woven grain of the wood is accentuated. Boll has a mid-century modern feeling to it and it and adds a warm glow to any contemporary room.

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