Can-do Cancan

Wewood Portuguese Joinery revitalizes the traditional coat hanger, many times lost behind the door of our grandparents and parents. Designed by Gudconspiracy, Cancan assumes a dual personality: its functional character and its aesthetic sense as piece of design.

Inspired by the Parisian Can-can dance, the four identical pieces are tied up together with a single leather cord, which creates a visual pattern reminiscent of the corsets used by the dancers. The hanger is a synthesis of dance movement.

Traditionally, Can-can dancers must be 1,70 m height, which is the same height of the coat hanger. It is assumed as a stable, functional, stylish and above all a surprising piece.


Wewood’s philosophy is to enhance the high-end joinery, the raw material (hardwood), the innovation and the Portuguese design in each produced piece, never forgetting the work of employees, partners and suppliers, thus we feel proud to be part of WEWOOD’s family.

Wewood is a partnerships’ platform with designers, architects and young talents, which has as base of its collections the design combined with high-end joinery, these are produced by the experienced hands of artisans featuring the most sophisticated technology.

Wewood presents his collection with signed and numbered products, ensuring the uniqueness in each piece. Design, sophistication, tradition and ecology are points which we don’t give up. All pieces are original and of a great environmental concern during its production. Cross-culturally and versatile, these pieces excel for the simplicity and the purity of its lines.

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