Cocktails, anyone?

Luxury kitchen and bath mainstay Native Trails is causing a stir by introducing two new recycled copper bar sinks, Mojito and Manhattan. These notable additions celebrate the brand’s commitment to offering consumers and designers attractive and sustainable furnishings for entertaining in the home.

Says Naomi Neilson Howard, founder and CEO “People inevitably gather around the bar at gatherings, and it’s so much fun to have a sink that creates a ‘wow’ response. For everyday living, our sinks tend to ‘nurture the soul’ – they just feel good to live with, simple as that.”

Process + Material

The process of creating a Native Trails sink begins with recycled copper – electrical wire and pipes– which is collected and melted to form sheets. Then, tried-and-true copper-smithing techniques, dating back to the age of the Aztecs, are applied. The warm-toned metal, heated and softened over an open forge, is hammered by hand with thousands of strokes over an anvil to form it into the desired shape.

Copper is malleable not only in its nature, but also in its aesthetic adaptability to a variety of decor styles. Native Trails’ hand-hammered copper products are designed to blend well with traditional, country and old-world looks, transitional and eclectic styles as well as clean-lined contemporary environments.

Inspired in name by two popular cocktails, the new Mojito and Manhattan sinks raise the bar – literally. With elegant raised profiles, these sinks are great additions to a bar or entertaining area, and they can function as a secondary kitchen sink, supplementing cooking or preparation for big dinners and parties or everyday tasks.

About Native Trails

Native Trails, a privately owned business based in San Luis Obispo, California, has produced high quality, artisan crafted kitchen and bath fixtures and home décor for over 16 years. Naomi Neilson Howard, Native Trails’ founder and CEO, established the company to pair the stunning copper craftsmanship she discovered in her travels through Mexico with contemporary design and sustainable business practices. The company’s artisan creations are showcased in more than 1,300 showrooms in the U.S. and Canada. Native Trails is a favorite destination for not only consumers, but also designers and architects, based on several points of differentiation: category-defining designs, high product quality, use of recycled and sustainable materials and excellent customer service. For more information, visit