Teknion X 3

Teknion Corporation today announced a new design partnership with industrial designers Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk of CDS (Consultants for Design Strategy) studio, an exclusive North American distribution, licensing and manufacturing agreement with B&B Italia for its Project Collection, and a new alliance with textile designer Suzanne Tick.

“Teknion is building on three decades of success and our recognition of new ways of work with these exciting partnerships,” says David Feldberg, president & CEO. “A year ago, we made a strategic commitment to build a more comprehensive collaborative furniture products offering. We formed Teknion Studio, LLC, in Clayton, North Carolina, with industry veteran Charlie Bell at the helm. Studio represents a fresh start, a continued commitment to design, through a selection of products that work now and forward, solving the problems of the contemporary office with high design and superb quality. Working closely with Jeffrey, Nicholas, Suzanne and B&B Italia will enable us to establish the new brand and product portfolio.”

Jeffrey Bernett and Teknion Studio

Teknion Studio will initially offer soft seating, tables and related furniture products. These products will be designed by Jeffrey Bernett, founder of CDS located in New York, and his long-time associate, Nicholas Dodziuk. A new lounge/table series is under development by Mario Ruiz of Spain. The Teknion Studio portfolio will facilitate blending and product integration with Teknion office furniture, as well as other brands.

Suzanne Tick and Teknion Textiles

Teknion will be launching a new brand of textiles created by New York-based Suzanne Tick to bring a broad range of sophisticated and refined fabrics to the market. The new Teknion Textiles line will be comprised of contemporary fabrics at different price points while maintaining a cohesive collection. Graded-in upholstery, panel and architectural wall textiles will be available in the open market. An extension of Teknion’s core values – clean aesthetic, attention to detail, design innovation – the line will introduce new technologies and selections to the marketplace of today and tomorrow with high-level design and quality. 

B&B Italia

B&B Italia’s Project Collection – a coordinated offering of tables, chairs, high-end casegoods and soft seating – comprises ergonomic, functional furnishings that address the requirements of public spaces. B&B Italia Project products offered by Teknion Studio will be a joint venture, manufactured in Italy as well as in North America, all to the same high standards as in Europe. The partnership will allow for shorter lead times and faster delivery, making the B&B Italia Project Collection more responsive to contract client needs in the North American market.

“Because design excellence and integrity of craft are guiding principles for both Teknion Studio and B&B Italia, Teknion has invested in creating a very lean, clean and safe facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the tooling required to replicate B&B Italia construction and upholstery methods,” says Charlie Bell, general manager, Teknion Studio. “North Carolina is an ideal site for this enterprise as the area has a long history of furniture manufacturing and craftsmanship. Our alliance with a prestigious Italian design company will not only enhance our brand, it will allow us to integrate a broader selection of products.”

Says Feldberg, “Teknion Studio and Teknion Textiles are new visions, and Teknion B&B Italia a new relationship. In keeping with Teknion’s design philosophy, the products we will offer are all designed to work in concert. Teknion will now offer everything that’s needed to create an office that’s interesting, beautiful and human-centered.”

Teknion will preview initial offerings from its Teknion Studio, B&B Italia Project Collection and Teknion Textiles at its expanded and redesigned Merchandise Mart showroom during NeoCon 2013, June 10 to 12, in Chicago.


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