Playing with light

With its new pendant, 3×3 MACH 9, Germany company Bernd Unrecht Lghts presents its first market-ready lighting fixture, which is equipped with the very thin and forward-looking OLED-light source. The 3×3 MACH 9 uses overall nine OLED-panels by OSRAM and produces more than 250 lumens – at a very low consumption of less than 10 watts.

Based on the moveable lighting arms of the 3×3 MACH 9, you can create many individual lighting scenarios. The arms of the lighting fixture appear like leaves of a plant turning like a helix around a stem and spreading apart like a fan. The user can playfully adjust and move the lighting arms.

Due to the play with forms, you receive again and again interesting geometric structures reign, and surprising light and shadow plays on the surface of the lighting arms.

The outstanding characteristic of the OLEDs is, that the light via a surface, not a point, like by the LEDs, therefore you speak by OLEDs about an area-surface light source. This light seems to illuminate extraordinary softly, glare-free and homogenous.   

Now the new and second generation of the so called Orbeos-OLEDs by OSRAM generates meanwhile 40 lumens per watt, which means approximately the duplication of the light intensity compared to the previous year. The lighting fixture produces by is low energy consumption enough light to illuminate for example a dining or working table.  

The dimmable pendant is manufactured in series production in aluminum and steel, thereafter is pulverized in white color. Due to the steel wires and wire stoppers it is height-adjustable.

The 3×3 MACH 9 reflects the design understanding of Bernd Unrecht: high-tech, artful geometry, reduced aesthetic paired with a jolly playfulness. The new design emphasizes the lightness and the very thin construction of an OLED and generates thereby an interesting aesthetic, technology-driven and forward looking lighting fixture.


Since its inception in the year 2005, the company has been designing, making and selling decorative lighting fixtures for homes, with a timeless classical approach and elegance of form.

The company assigns a special value to high quality of illumination, independent and original design, longevity and high grade of workmanship.

All the lights made by Bernd Unrecht Lights not only do justice to their primary function of providing illumination, but also augment and enhance the atmosphere, creating a unique sense of cosiness and a stylish ambience, true to the credo of Bernd Unrecht: “Light means warmth and longing.”

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