Lights up on Martini

At the upcoming Euroluce 2013 in Milan, Martini will introduce a series of new products, as well as launch of a revolutionary new LED.

The Italian company – a leader in architectural, technical and commercial, residential and urban lighting – keeps a strong continuity with its historical identity but it grows, changes and transforms itself, following the passion for light as a tool for redesigning living, working and gathering spaces.

In cooperation with leading architects, Martini makes lighting projects around the world every year like the prestigious Hermitage in St Petersburg and the Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice. The company has been recently awarded for the new Pullman Hotel in Doha, Qatar.

Building on its history, Martini Spa looks today to new areas and new frontiers in the lighting world: a path of change that also goes through the change of the company logo, which maintains the characteristics of the historic brand but shows a much more contemporary look. The symbol remains in order to evoke the world of light and the electrical circuits, but it has been revised, the look of “Martini.” the true essence of the company, becomes stronger and it has been reinterpreted through a new style that best reflects the actual identity of the company today.

Tenacity and desire to face new challenges are the real “engine” of Martini Spa and its evolution. An engine that has been able to return to full speed after the earthquake in May 2012, which caused serious damages to the plants. Dedication and spirit of Martini family and its employees allowed to keep the production running: in just five months, the company has completely rebuilt the factory and it is now investing in research, experimentation and new technologies.

Among the new features for 2013, Martini presents HD Retina, the high-definiton LED with the new exclusively features and based on a revolutionary approach to the relationship between light and color and the human mind, and a new line of products created in cooperation with leading designers for the decorative sector.

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