Speak up at IIDEX 2013

Share your insight and knowledge and make a difference in our industry by presenting a seminar at IIDEX Canada 2013. With over 3,500 conference attendees and 70+ sessions, IIDEX is widely recognized as an industry leader by providing thought provoking and insightful hands-on educational opportunities for the interior design, architectural, lighting, facility management and real estate communities. Speakers and seminars will be selected based on varying criteria including: relevancy to the industry, timeliness, body of knowledge, learning outcomes, speaker experience and how the particular topic complements IIDEX Canada Conference program.

Do you have a topic that is ground-breaking, innovative, informative or just plain interesting? If so, IIDEX wants to hear from you!

For the IIDEX Call for Presentations, please CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT ONLINE by Friday, May 3, 2013.