molo goes to Milan

Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, co-founders and lead designers of the Canadian multidisciplinary design studio molo, are pleased to announce the official release of two new designs into the award winning soft collection: floor cloud + table cloud.

These two new softlights present an elegant addition to molo’s award-winning modular soft collection. The white textile shade of cloud – comprised of hundreds of cellular honeycomb-like forms – is lit internally by energy-efficient LED and radiates a gentle, all-around, ambient quality of light. The low glare-light emanating from cloud makes it ideal for reading, doing detailed work, or simply bringing a new impression to a space.

Beneath the textile shade, the slender, demountable wooden bases of the floor cloud + table cloud softlight make clever use of a flexible and hidden connection to elegantly join each of its three legs together, forming a visually delicate wooden mount.

To mark the occasion of this release, molo will be making available a limited number of floor + table cloud lights (10 of each design) for purchase at molostore + teahouse   in Milan: a pop-up, onsite retail space molo is creating exclusively for Design Week. The installation, teahouse, and beautiful exterior courtyard will be located a Via Tortona 7 in Milan.

Echoing the flexibility, modular capacity and explorative nature of the soft collection, molostore + teahouse will interchange and integrate the ideas of storefront, café, and sculptural installation. Molo will be using our modular partition system to create a temporary, physical space for molostore – our online marketplace – where molo’s innovative products will be on display and made available to visitors for purchase on site.

The store will share space with the other half of molo’s exhibit – the café and courtyard – in which molo will serve a unique seasonal menu and present constantly evolving, temporary installations built from the soft collection.

After the completion of Milan Design Week, floor + table cloud will be made available at and through worldwide Official Resellers.