Lamin-Art’s heavy metal

Lamin-Art is launching a new, exclusive collection of handcrafted, embossed metallic laminates called Metal-Art. The collection features large-scale, three-dimensional designs with an artisan touch.

“Designers and architects are the visionaries defining the future of our spaces and environments,” says Hans Mutzke, Lamin-Art’s design director. “This breakthrough collection answers the call from interior designers and architects for new ideas and materials.”

The collection includes five large-scale, distinctive dimensional patterns:

Waves: A flowing surface reminiscent of the timeless fluidity of rippling water or the sensuality of undulating sand dunes.

Axis: Inspired by avant-garde angularity, proactive lines intersect and converge at all angles.

Striations: A sophisticated rectangular motif with an emphasis on the vertical and horizontal three-dimensionality of the surface.

Interlink: A contemporary translation of the classical ornamental frieze motif into a bold and inspiring large-scale design.

Geometrix: A versatile design of harmony, balance and playful visual symmetry that aligns basic rectangles into random, proportional linearity.

Each design is available in four traditional metallic colorations: brushed aluminum, brushed stainless, brushed champagne and brushed bronze. Designers Hans Mutzke and Virginie Boucher had the foresight to make the designs seamlessly match when Metal-Art sheets are applied side- by-side and end-to-end.

Metal-Art designs come in 4’x10’ sheets, and are ideal for office, hospitality, retail, healthcare/assisted living and educational interiors. Create a unique and captivating environment with the Metal-Art Collection.


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