Fishbone by Urquiola

The Fishbone coffee tables are a new design by Patricia Urquiola to accompany her M.a.s.s.a.s seating collection by Moroso. Composed of cast acrylic, the Fishbone tables feature three distinct patterns, all playing on a herringbone motif. The malleable palette of the cast acrylic composition has given Urquiola the freedom to create patterns that imitate natural materials such as horn, mother-of-pearl, marble and tortoise shell.
Super-glossy finishes embolden Urquiola’s design in all three of the available versions; one with touches of yellow; one with hues from green to pale blue; and the third a mix of strawberry, toffee, cocoa and dove grey. 

Fishbone comes in four different sizes with geometric patterns that vary slightly with each table.

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