Setting Compass

Arconas is proud to officially launch Compass at Passenger Terminal Expo in Geneva, Switzerland. Designed by Entro – wayfinding and environmental communications specialists – Compass is a multi-function media tower designed to enhance people’s experience in public spaces. A modular tower system, it  configures with seating clusters, workstations and a range of signage and display screen options.

Says Arconas executive VP Pablo Reich, “Compass is a multifarious tower system that was designed to help people navigate through public spaces. The flexible tower system incorporates power sources for charging, is used for wayfinding and communications, and also acts as a workstation for passengers and airport staff.” 

Says Wayne McCutcheon, partner at Entro Communications, “We are very pleased to collaborate with Arconas on this exciting new product. Its leadership role in the field of public seating, combined with our extensive experience in wayfinding and experience design for transportation environments, is a unique combination of skills which has resulted in this exciting new product solution. We believe the Compass product fills a gap in the transportation industry for an integrated furniture, signage, media and power source solution.” Compass elevated signage can display sponsorship flags, gate numbers, and power symbols that illustrates the tower as a source for charging. Monitors can be mounted to the tower to deliver advertising, flight information or wayfinding information, such as building maps.

Compass offers exceptional comfort and a convenient place to recharge mobile phones, laptops, and other devices. It is equipped with Duracell Powermat and inPower Flex modules, allowing travellers to recharge wirelessly or through electrical outlets and USB ports. Seating clusters provide increased personal space and an ample table surface for working and eating.

Compass is a source of non-aeronautical revenue that can pay for itself in very little time. It includes three sides of dynamic advertising LCD screens. Each screen can be positioned vertically or horizontally. The monitors can also be used for live television, interactive content, or as Flight Information Display Systems. And as passengers spend more time in these seats, airport concessions benefit from increased business opportunities.


A world leader in making public places welcoming and intuitive, Entro has designed and executed successful wayfinding and environmental communications projects around the globe. Entro’s approach is driven by a multi- disciplinary team of planners, architects, and industrial and graphic designers. Leading architects and transportation facilities have engaged Entro to shape environments that work with and for the people who use them. For more info, visit


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