Awarding Astec Design

The sleek new Astec “inline il.10” sliding door system from Germany was launched a month ago, and it has already captured the world’s attention by winning the internationally acclaimed 2013 Red Dot Award for product design. The innovative engineering of Astec Design’s new door system, available in Canada exclusively through GestaltHaus, was chosen by a 37-member panel of experts from 4,662 entries in 19 different categories.

“We’re excited, and not at all surprised, to see the Astec door win such a prestigious award,” says Dirk Heuer, president of GestaltHaus, the Canadian partner for Astec based in Central Alberta. “With its delicate, customizable stainless steel accents, the inline il.10 offers a high level of elegance and clarity thanks to its high-quality workmanship and purist design.”

The Astec difference is in the fitting: most of it is integrated into the wall, ensuring that only aluminum and stainless steel surface connections to the sliding door’s glass pane are visible: two cover plates, 45mm each, plus the 15mm groove, to which a colored background can be added. The innovative flat design offers a wide scope for living areas, cabinetry, office and presentation spaces. il.10 is designed with a highly developed cush- ioning mechanism up to 200 kg, providing extra convenience and safety. The door can be stopped gently in its movement and pulled to its end position with virtually no sound.

“Astec Design fittings are 100 per cent made in Germany, designed, engineered, and manufactured with technical precision down to the last detail. The workmanship is meticulous and their design is minimalist and highly functional,” says Heuer. “Astec’s Red Dot Award is a recognition of their continuous investment in the development of unique solutions and highest-quality standards in a sophisticated design industry.”

Astec Design was established in 1998 in Albstadt, Germany and has gained a reputation for its minimalistic, highly functional architectural hardware. All fittings are are 100 per cent made in Germany, designed, engineered, and manufactured with technical precision down to the last detail. The Astec product range includes nine lines of fittings – s.200, b.400, b.500, b.600, b.700, b.800,b.900, b.1000, and il.10 – for architectural solutions in the public, property/office, gastronomy and private sectors. Specializing in custom solutions, Astec Design caters to the upscale market and works with architects, interior designers, and custom home builders. Accessories are available to complete the formal consistency of installations.

Astec Design in Canada has been exclusively represented by the GestaltHaus team in Central Alberta since 2009.

GestaltHaus specializes in contemporary European architectural products and linear LED lighting solutions for the Canadian market, representing other well-known European brands including KLUS linear LED lighting ( and Tectus completely concealed hinges by Simonswerk (

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