Inbani’s Vase

From Spanish company Inbani comes Vase, designed by Francesc Rife. Visually simple and serene, it features a worktop that integrates fully with a generous sink. A slight shift to one side keeps it interesting. The towel rail – integrated in the bottom of the worktop – works as a connection between the upper mold part and the main trunk, allowing it to be installed separately. One of the main aspects of the collection, the towel rail, in glossy chrome finish, gives the piece movement and distinction. Vase is made of Cristalplant, in white, with smooth and neutral lines.

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Interior and Industrial designer Francesc Rife was born in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, Spain, in 1969. In 1994, he opened his studio in Barcelona; today it  employs 10, in different fields of design. Rife has enjoyed a prolific career as a designer, covering different fields of industrial and interior design.

His philosophy of design is based on spatial order, geometrical balance of volumes and formal sobriety.