Stool with an attitude

Discreet and essential, but also playful and imaginative, the Broncio line by designer Filippo Mambretti, winner in 2011 of the first edition of the Infiniti Design De-contest, acts as a bridge between the worlds of childhood and adulthood.

The Italian word “broncio” translates as “miff” or “pout” or “moodiness.” Simple volumes and limpidly essential lines draw the “miffed” expression of this series, which consists of a table and a stool with different heights.

Available in two forms, one with an openable seat, and in three colours yellow, grey and white, the stool is suitable for many different compositions. Being made of polyethylene, a material that is highly resistant to weathering, Broncio is ideal for contract furnishings and outdoor use.


So with all these great qualities, why so sullen? The affable name of Filippo Mambretti’s project comes from the cut that characterizes the lower part of the stool, like a cartoon mouth which is just a little disappointed, but perfect in its function as a footrest.


Creativity, technological innovation and design awareness. These are the key concepts to understanding the philosophy of Infiniti, an up and coming young brand which proposes furnishing accessories – chairs, stools, tables – designed for working, relaxing and socialising. Forward-looking solutions to today’s living needs, the result of research and advanced technologies: objects designed not only to be useful but also ergonomic and pleasing to the eye, guaranteeing recyclability and proposing intelligent solutions. An ongoing search, facilitated by the support of young international designers who, thanks to Infiniti, have found an outlet for their talent. These products are 100% Made in Italy, synonymous with quality and control in each individual step of the production process, and offer flexible rapid delivery times due to shortening of the commercial chain. This also means that, while aiming at a medium-high range target, the Infiniti products maintain a competitive price and, with their attractive design, are ideal for furnishing houses all over the world.

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