Vancouver gets FLOSed

The renowned Italian lighting manufacturer FLOS has partnered with Inform to open the largest FLOS Architectural Studio in Western Canada at Inform Contract’s trade-only showroom located at 405 Railway in Vancouver.

The recently renovated space is open to architects and designers offering 1,000 square feet of FLOS’s unique architectural lighting, including Wall Piercings, Wall Rupture, Spun Lamps, Soft Profile, and more built right into the walls and ceiling. Other new and iconic products will also be on display including the Light Photon (using OLED technology), the popular Kelvin LED family, as well as FLOS’s collection of outdoor lighting. FLOS’s LED Soft Architecture lighting program is a brand new interaction of forms, light and shadow for all interior design applications.

Inform Contract, the trade division of Inform Interiors, is a commercial furniture and lighting showroom providing architects and designers with products specifically for corporate, hospitality, institution, transportation, and lighting projects. Inform Contract’s showroom is managed by partner and director Paul Sjaarda and lighting expert Robyn York. Operating for over nine years, Inform Contract has provided lighting and furniture for some of the West Coast’s most prestigious and award-winning spaces in Canada.