Turn turn turn

Scandinavian design company Muuto has introduced a new sculptural juicer. Designed by KiBiSi, the Turn Around juicer combines functionality and style through precise craftsmanship.

The round shape of the solid wooden base gives the juicer a soft and sculptural expression, which allows it to be displayed on the kitchen table. Along with the two earlier wooden kitchen tools, the cooking set Hang Around and the salad servers Toss Around, also designed by KiBiSi, the juicer is crafted for a contemporary look and functional ergonomics. 

Say the designers at  KiBiSi, “The Turn Around juicer tells a story of craftsmanship, materials and processes used for centuries. So why hide your juicer in the drawer when the shape allows it to stand on its own?”

Built to last, the Turn Around juicer is made of white beech wood, treated with oil. 


Muuto is a Scandinavian design company that joins forces with the leading contemporary Scandinavian designers to create original products with new perspectives. The result is an innovative collection of furniture, lamps and accessories for modern interiors all over the world. For more info, visit muuto.com.