What are Best Friends for?

The Best Friends Chair, designed by Austrian architect and designer Martin Mostböck, is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design in  New York City.

Says Vienna-based journalist Christian Desrues, “It is said that old furniture has a history. Very well, but most of the time, it is one of its owners. But some new furniture also has a history, namely that of its origin. Martin Mostböck´s object, Best Friend’s Chair, was not born from practical considerations, as one can easily see. The creation arose from a reaction, so it is really a response to experiences, a personal catharsis. Experience is being processed, brought to shape. In Mostböck´s native city of Vienna, which is, along with its many benefits, also known for its not always likeable idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants, people paraphrase exceptionally vile behaviour among people close to each other with a variety of colourful expressions. ‘A stab in the back’ is one of them. That is also a way to understand design, as an instrument of retribution. The rack was also designed by someone, wasn’t it? Mostböck contents himself with the torture chair. Nothing to lean back and relax anyway!”  


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