Allsteel wants you to look into your crystal ball — then send them the pic

In getting ready for their presence at NeoCon 2013, Allsteel Inc. has launched an interactive marketing campaign designed to gain insights from the architect and design community around future trends impacting workplace design and strategy. Industry professionals have the opportunity to snap a photo of themselves, upload it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #createatwork and @Allsteel, and comment about their vision for the future workplace.

The campaign’s focus around gathering human-generated ideas is part of the Allsteel NeoCon 2013 theme — “Humans Being” — as well as draw attention to the launch of a new product offering to be revealed at the show. “We know the ways people work and the tools used to create and collaborate are constantly evolving,” said Lynda Whittle, vice president, Marketing at Allsteel. “This interactive campaign will gather the real-time insights from the A&D community and will help us better assess the current state of the workplace and drive thought leadership and future design innovations.”

At NeoCon 2013, the commentary and photos will become part of the larger-than-life Allsteel streaming digital display projected on a 16-foot wall forming a rich tapestry of human-generated ideas and inspiration.

At the conclusion of NeoCon 2013, top themes and ideas from the campaign submissions will be summarized and assertions regarding the community’s vision for the future workplace will be formed. The data will be provided back to architects and designers this fall to help inform and inspire their future design work.