David Tonizzo’s concept hotel suite

Davide Tonizzo has designed an innovative new concept hotel suite that had its debut at the Hospitality Design Expo and Conference on May 15. The Minako Concept presents a futuristic way to give hotel guests a more functional and comfortable experience.

The new concept is part of a brand launch for Bühler’s hospitality division. Called Bühler Concierge, the new brand emphasizes the human side of manufacturing furniture for hotels.

To inaugurate the launch of Bühler Concierge, the company commissioned Tonizzo, to create a visionary hotel suite. Says the designer, “I wanted the room to be loaded with highly functional creature comforts that communicate to the guest that we’ve thought of everything, taken care of every detail to make one’s stay more enjoyable, just like a true concierge.”

Minako’s design is dominated by a unique headboard. It is a large rectangular knee wall that carries all the necessities for working and relaxing. This monolithic structure is punctuated by a series of flowing LED bands that provide light in strategic areas like the nightstands and foot areas around the bed. Power outlets are stored behind pull-down courtesy shelves making it easy to charge tablets and smart phones while using them in bed for work or relaxing. Large nightstands integrate into the bedframe.

The bed’s most innovative feature is the “trunk.” This upholstered footboard can be opened revealing a large space on the floor where luggage can be easily wheeled into storage. “The idea was to conceal the luggage while offering easy access to it. Keeping suitcases out of sight makes you feel more at home when you’re travelling” says Tonizzo. “Also, I wanted to eliminate those luggage benches that require people to lift an extremely heavy suitcase. The trunk keeps luggage on the floor and out of the way.”

Minako also has a media wall that comprises the TV, audio system and other important amenities like mini-bar, safe and storage for personal belongings. This area can also be used for working and has a desk with all the usual electronic hook-ups.

Minako is a popular girl’s name in Japan. All product collections in Bühler Concierge will be given a name and a personality. Minako was inspired by the image of Tokyo with its many neon lights and cutting-edge electronic design. She is a high-tech princess with a humanistic touch.

Davide Tonizzo is a Toronto-based industrial designer with a diverse range of clients. Past projects include furniture, ceramics, handbags, bath wares and transportation products. His projects have received numerous awards and have been featured in international design publications. Find out more about Davide Tonizzo at designd-online.com.


Bühler Concierge is a division of Bühler Furniture. The company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. and has been a fixture in the furniture industry for decades. Bühler manufactures its products locally using quality materials. Bühler Concierge.