IIDEX’s new Woodshop feature and competition

The City of Toronto, IIDEX Canada and Ideacious.com have teamed up to present IIDEX Woodshop: 15 innovative wood prototypes that utilize Toronto’s untapped ash wood resource.

Globalization and climate change have brought pests like the emerald ash borer to North America where they are feasting on our forests. In Toronto alone, the borer will bring down over 200,000 ash trees in the next five years. The IIDEX Woodshop aims to reduce the number of ash trees headed for the landfill by creating innovative, market-ready commercial and consumer prototypes.


IIDEX Woodshop will launch 15 innovative ash wood prototypes at a feature exhibition on the trade show floor at IIDEX Canada, which runs Sept 26- 27. The City of Toronto and IIDEX will exhibit the work at other locations in Toronto following IIDEX (location details TBD). The exhibit will feature the work of 10 established and five emerging designers and woodworkers, based in Toronto, collected through a juried competition.


For competition details and to submit a design please click here