Schneid Enlightment’s new Eikon pendant lamp

Recently introduced by Schneid Enlightment of Northern Germany, the Eikon pendant lamp consists of a turned ash wooden head and a removable, interchangeable metal shade. The lampshades are powdercoated and attached with magnets. 

The Eikon appears as a completed design, a lamp which connects esthetics and minimalist structures. But it is more than only “one“ lamp. It unifies numerous different lamps with its hidden magnet system. With only a small grip the lampshade can be changed and another colour or shape can be installed. This modular and flexible system can help to rearrange a room again and again according to requirements. Particularly for living in small spaces, this changeable light is a big win since its function is always adaptable. This way, we would like to counteract the throwaway society and make a contribution to sustainability. The additive system now waits for the production of further shapes and colors which are already under way.


Launched in 2010, the company has developed a variety of lamps. All of its products are based on the same principles: the aim is to make aesthetic lamps and furniture with a high focus on ecology, locality, innovation and fairness towards people and the environment.

Working with young creative people from our corner is very important to the company. The driving forces behind its products are Niklas Jessen and Julia Mülling. Niklas is a trained carpenter and studied architecture. During his studies, he started to get fascinated with interior design. Julia is a conceptioner at Schneid and is brilliant with language and form because of her studies in German and French languages. She decided to go on with product design and supports Schneid since 2012.

This year, Schneid launched its new light Eikon and relaunched its online shop: