Andrea Claire works wonders with light

Andrea Claire, the talented abstract painter and sculptor behind Andrea Claire Studio, merges art and design with her stunning collection of geometric, handmade, “green” lighting fixtures and chandeliers. Her modern hanging system re-imagine spaces and are highly customizable large-scale works of art.

According to Claire, “A bar, designed by Frank Gehry in Venice, California, was especially influential and interesting because of his unique use of alabaster stone as a translucent material for the bar’s light element. The transformation of stone into a lamp was exciting and that new idea stuck with me.”

Claire’s innovative modern designs take influence from her own abstract geometrical paintings. She also admires the iconic sculptor Alexander Calder, as well as the celebrated artist and designer Isamu Noguchi.

After contemplating the shapes in her abstract paintings, she started the process of building models out of recycled wood, then using 3-D software to develop the design. Eventually the “cubeish”- the propriety shape of her hanging systems – was born. Claire considered a variety of finishes, styles, bulb color temperatures and tools to achieve her goals. She researched materials and light-bulb technology, while developing different configurations as seen in her growing collection of offerings. 

The current Andrea Claire Studio chandelier collection has four styles:

The Constantin: The original configuration named after Constantin Brancusi (another artistic influence) contains both large and small “cubeish” (usually four) arranged in size order.

The Ivy: Like the plant, Ivy is a cascading vertical chandelier that is best for taller spaces, like stair wells, but it can also be customized with as few as three “cubeish.”

The Cassiopeia: A more horizontal version of the hanging system, it floats over a space like a constellation and it is best suited for spaces with lower ceiling heights.

The Pendants: A single “cubeish” that can be made in any size.

Finishes: Wood Finishes: natural, cherry, walnut, pickled white, pickled white with a silver wash, pickled white with a gold wash, botanical, cardinal red, ebony; Metal Finishes: brushed brass, satin nickel, polished chrome, satin chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, light cream powdercoat, glossy black powdercoat, sky blue powdercoat, teal powdercoat.


Andrea Claire is a life-long maker of things artsy and artful. She holds bachelor’s degrees in both Art and Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Before establishing Andrea Claire Studio, she worked for Frank Gehry, Liz Larner, Vito Acconci, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Rockwell Group, among others.

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